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Fics: "Chance Meetings" and "Blood Magic"
blackat_t7t wrote in dresdenfic
I'm not often on LJ any more, but on the off chance that some people are I figured I may as well share these here.

Title: Chance Meetings
Author: blackat_t7t
Rating: Teen
Pairing: Harry/Thomas
Book or TV verse: Book
Summary: Harry runs into Thomas at McAnally's, and then runs into some trouble.
Set between Death Masks and Blood Rites. Written as a prologue to the next part of the series, Blood Magic.
Spoilers: through Blood Rites

Link to Chance Meetings on AO3

Title: Blood Magic
Author: blackat_t7t
Rating: Explicit/NC-17 over all, most chapters are Teen
Pairing: Harry/Thomas
Genre: Case Fic, Slash
Book or TV verse: Book
Summary: Professional wizard Harry Dresden thought his life was complicated when all he had to worry about was hiding his less-than-platonic feelings for his half-brother, Thomas. Then he gets a call from a Warden of the White Council: a warlock is coming to Chicago to work a spell powered by human sacrifice, and it falls to Harry to stop it. To make matters worse, Detective Murphy of Chicago PD wants his help on a theft that seems to have been committed with magic. Harry is sure the two cases are somehow linked, and he, Thomas, and Murphy will have to work fast to uncover the connection in time to stop the warlock.
Spoilers: through Dead Beat, with foreshadowing, shall we say, for Changes

Link to Blood Magic on AO3


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