Fic: Elevator
Title: Elevator
Author: windfallswest
Fandom: Dresden Files
Pairing: Harry Dresden/John Marcone
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: <----
Word Count: about 5,400
Notes: Also at AO3. Sorry for the long hiatus. I thought I'd do a piece of short fluff for May before getting into the heavy stuff, and then I bogged down in the fluff. Oops. So I may finish that someday, but for now here's the prologue to the next long story. Maggie is two and a half.
Summary: Harry and Marcone, stuck in an elevator.

Zero Hour

Fic: Beer, Beer, Beer (Tiddly Beer, Beer, Beer)
df:harry dresden
Title: Beer, Beer, Beer (Tiddly Beer, Beer, Beer)
Rating: Teen for drinking, cussing
Fandoms: Dresden Files, Iron Druid (Kevin Hearne)
Characters: Harry Dresden, Atticus O'Sullivan, Mouse, Oberon, Mac
Spoilers: Through Skin Game for Dresden and Hunted for Iron Druid.
Summary: Harry and Atticus get blasted at McAnally's while kvetching about their lives.

Note I: This was written as a gift to hogwartswitch for her hospitality and copious amounts of frozen yogurt. Since she loves Harry and Atticus, I thought I'd throw them together at Mac's and watch what happened. Cracky. I'm not sorry.

Note II: Title comes from an Irish drinking song. Is there any other kind?

Link at AO3

Fic: "Jephthah's Daughter" (All Ages)
df:harry dresden
Title: Jephthah's Daughter
Fandom: Dresden Files (books)
Rating: All Ages
Warnings: Existential angst, philosophy, theology
Spoilers: Massive spoilers for Skin Game
Characters: Deirdre, Uriel
Summary: Post-Skin Game, Uriel drops in to have a chat with Deirdre.

Jephthah's Daughter

Fic: The Domino Theory
Title: The Domino Theory
Author: windfallswest
Fandom: Dresden Files
Rating: G
Disclaimer: <----
Word Count: about 3,200
Notes: Also at AO3. Awkwardly unseasonal Christmas fic! But it's what comes next, sooooo. Happy Easter?
Summary: The Archive stops by the Dresden household over the holidays.

The major holidays are pretty much interchangeable, right?

Fic: Burninate
devil eyes
Title: Burninate (or, Will Someone Please Put Daddy in a Corner?)
Author: windfallswest
Fandom: Dresden Files
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Quotes from the book belong to Jim Butcher. Quotes from various movies belong to their creators. Quotes from the Bible belong to the big guy upstairs. Blame for disturbing things can be spread pretty equally, including to me.
Word Count: 39K (what)
Notes: Also at AO3.
So this started out being a short couple of alterna-scenes to illustrate, briefly, where this AU turns off of Blood Rites and set up the thing I actually wanted to write when I started all this, which is Harry/Marcone. But then it kind of kept on going, and when it finally lumbered to a stop it had ballooned into this huge, structurally-unsound monstrosity. Oops. Also, I know what about babies?
Summary: It's a TRAAAAAAP!

"No, don't take out the—"

Fic: Go Back to Your Playpen
Title: Go Back to your Playpen
Author: windfallswest
Fandom: Dresden Files
Rating: G
Disclaimer: <----
Word Count: 6K
Notes: Also at AO3.
Summary: Short tag, more like a collection of drabbles, to In This Corner.... What happens when Harry gets back to Chicago.

Hey, what's going on?

Fic: In This Corner...
Title: In This Corner...
Author: windfallswest
Fandom: The Dresden Files
Pairing: Harry/Marcone undertones, but what else is new?
Rating: PG-13, because Harry can't keep it clean.
Disclaimer: <----
Word Count: 14k
Notes: Also at AO3.
Summary: AU, plot from the end of Death Masks. Harry is a girl, Susan is a boy, and guess who gets pregnant this time. Warning for discussion of abortion. Ass-backwards spoilers for Changes.

Labour was a bitch, even without the faerie complications.

Fic: Desperate Measures (Dresden Files, PG13)
rogues, dance
Title: Desperate Measures
Author: [personal profile] xwingace/xwingace
Summary: When the Winter Knight comes to the rescue, are you actually being rescued? Ramirez finds out. Post Cold-Days.
Fandoms: Dresden Files
Word count: ~8000
Rating/Contents: PG 13 for some violence. No other warnings apply

“Hells Bells, Dresden. You just can’t resist making an entrance, can you?”


Dresden Files/Avengers crossover fic: The Wizard and the Hawk (PG-13, gen, 1/1)
Title: The Wizard and the Hawk
Fandom: The Dresden Files/The Avengers
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Harry Dresden, Clint Barton, John Marcone, Thomas Raith, Nathan Hendricks
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3716
Warnings: None
Spoilers: Up to 'Small Favor' for Dresden Files

Summary: Harry and Clint are childhood friends, and when the wizard gets into trouble involving a mob boss and the Chicago PD, he knows who to call for help.

Read on LJ | Read on AO3

Fic: A Guiding Hand -- the Knight (Dresden Files/Journeyman, PG13)
rogues, dance
Title: A Guiding Hand -- the Knight
Author: xwingace
Prompt: Harry Dresden walks into a bar and meets Katie Vasser
Fandoms: Dresden Files, Journeyman
Word count: ~4500
Rating/Contents: PG 13 for some mild violence. No other warnings apply

Notes: Written for the 2013 intoabar challenge. Many thanks go to the organisers: sabinelagrande, kisahawklin, or coffeesuperhero for getting it all set up.